Can I Burn House Coal In My Multi Fuel Stove?

This is a topic which often comes up after an installation has been carried out and often is one of the biggest mistakes made by stove users. 

Let's clear some things up shall we?

If you have a Multi Fuel stove, this definitely does not mean that you should burn ordinary house coal! A multi fuel stove is great choice if seasoned or kiln dried wood is not readily available in your area. Multi Fuel appliances can burn both solid fuels and logs, so fuel is likely to be readily available most places you go, especially in supermarkets, petrol stations and the like. You should never burn standard coal in your Multi Fuel stove; there are smokeless alternatives which are manufactured for that purpose, like anthracite. It is always best practice to check the manufacturers manual and find out what fuel source they suggest you should burn, or more importantly what they advise you NOT to burn.

A mixture of soft and hard wood (available from us with free delivery) is by for the best option for clean and efficient burning but only if it is properly seasoned or kiln dried, ideally with a moisture content of below 20%. Damp or moist fuel will use a vast proportion of its energy to rid itself of the moisture inside, resulting in an inefficient burn with flue temperature not rising high enough to achieve full combustion. This in turn means the flue gasses will rise slower resulting in a build up of sooty deposits and ultimately a blocked, creosote lined flue system. 

House coal burns at a much higher temperature, with a much higher ash content than the smokeless alternative or wood and is by no means intended for use in Multi Fuel stoves. This higher temperature can cause damage to your stove and result in warped baffles, warped grates and liner damage, not to mention the damage to the environment. 

Think about what fuel you're using to heat your home, read the manufacturers guidelines and choose a fuel source which is kinder to your stove, kinder to your flue system and kinder to the environment.

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