Need Help Choosing Your Stove? Read This Article

Looking for a wood burner or multi fuel stove but have no idea where to start?

Don't fret! Let's walk through just a couple of things to take into account when choosing an appliance for your home. 

One mistake that people often make is ordering a stove which are entirely too small or big for the room which will house it, don't make this mistake yourself!

As a general rule of them you will need approximately 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic meters of space. If you want an easier way of calculating this then use this handy stove calculator provided by Charnwood.  Be aware that if you are choosing a stove which exceeds a heat output of 5kw then it's highly likely you will need a form of permanent ventilation to provide the appliance with adequate airflow.

While we're on the topic of air supply, If you have an extractor fan in the room in which you plan to install your appliance (or even an adjacent room if you're living in a small property), then it's worth looking for a stove with an external air supply kit, this is a permanently fixed means of air supply connected directly to the stove, drawing the air needed for combustion from the outside.

Do you live in a smoke control area? If so then you need to take this into account when selecting your stove. The stove will need to be DEFRA exempt for use in smoke control areas and the fuel you use will need to meet similar guidelines. By 2022 all stoves will be required to meet these strict efficiency standards in an effort to tackle air pollution, a policy which Micheal Gove has helped pushed into place. We said a few words about the new regulations here.

What flue system will you have in place to carry your flue gases from the appliance to a point at which they safely terminate? If you're planning on housing your stove in an existing chimney opening and attaching to a flue liner, then make sure your chimney is fit for purpose first by having it swept by an approved tradesman. If your home doesn't have a chimney on the other hand, then you have a lot more to think about.

If you're thinking of having a twin wall insulated flue system installed then you need to be aware that there is regulations which state where your flue is allowed to terminate, how many bends that are allowed in a twin wall system, how far the system can travel on a non vertical plane and more. it's best to speak to a qualified HETAS engineer who will be able to guide you in avoiding some of the most common positioning pitfalls that many people may fail to take into account.

What about a fuel source? Are you thinking of installing a wood burning stove? Perhaps a multi fuel appliance or a pellet stove? When making this choice you should take into account what fuel is readily available in your area and where you will store your supply of fuel. If you're happy burning wood (and you should be) then there are services like this one which deliver high quality hardwood throughout the UK with free delivery.

Fuel is not free unless you're a "seasoned seasoner" of wood and have already cut firewood and had it stored for a year or two drying out 'til it has a moisture content of 20% or below. It can be worthwhile calculating how much it may cost you to run your wood burning stove throughout the year at your intended rate. If you have a log store built in your garden, access to woodland of some kind and you're and you like to save money, then you'll only have to spend out on fuel for the first year or two after your stove is installed and then it will only cost you the spend cutting and storing your wood. Ash, birch, beech and oak are among the best hard woods for burning.

There are a vast number of things to take into account when selecting your first solid fuel stove but there is also a vast amount of literature out there, so read up where you can. HETAS have a guide here which can help walk you through some of the need to know information before you make your purchase. 

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